"Success favors the relaxed mind..."


Resolve Conflict:

The ability to remain centered under competative pressure is a major factor in personal and professional success. If you or your business predominately operates from constant state of anxiety, conflict and stress, then you have little hope of staying centered and achieving long-term, sustained success in the real world.

The InnerVictory System© teaches you how to calm your mind in order to effectively operate at peak effectiveness under the stress of competition or conflict. We will show you the most effective way to respond, both physically and mentally, to conflict and stress.

The InnerVictory Personal Balanced Scorecard:

1.  Personal Emotional Intelligence Index (PEI)
2.  Personal Maturity Index (PMI)
3.  Personal Innovation Index (PII)
4.  Personal Contentment Index (PCI)
5.  Personal Sustainability Index (PSI)


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The Power
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