Young Adults Development Program

The InnerVictory System© for youth offers emotional-intelligence and accelerated-learning skills far beyond that available via the limited formal education system. As a result, your children will absorb knowledge easier, and think with greater clarity. This not only translates to greater focus at school, and higher grades - but also gives your children essential life-skills necessary for true success in today's competitive world.

We help good students to even higher levels of success and re-motivate students who have, up until now, struggled to achieve. We take state-of-the-art concepts on intelligence and brain research and apply them – simply and effectively – with dramatic benefits.



Conscious Learning
•  Keys to enhancing memory retention
•  Learning process / techniques
•  Reading / research techniques
•  Concentration / Focus techniques

Accelerated Learning
•  Mind Mapping
•  “Genius” Principle

Learning Profile
•  Left / Right Brain Dominance
•  Dominant personality traits
•  Personality Strengths / weaknesses
•  Aptitude / Potential
•  Learning Styles / Preferences
55 1. Linguistic
55 2. Mathematical/Logical
55 3. Visual/Spatial
55 4. Musical
55 5. Bodily Physical
55 6. Interpersonal
55 7. Intra-Personal or Reflective
55 8. Naturalistic

Parent / Child Partnership
•  Performance management
•  Constructive communication
•  Health / diet awareness

The InnerVictory Personal Balanced Scorecard:

1.  Personal Emotional Intelligence Index (PEI)
2.  Personal Maturity Index (PMI)
3.  Personal Creativity Index (PCI)
4.  Personal Contentment Index (PHI)
5.  Personal Sustainability Index (PSI)

InnerVictory© Tool Kit:
•  “Accelerated-Learning” Tool Kit©
•  “Accelerated-Learning” Experiential Learning Exercises