• “Aikido-Yoga has given me a direction to where I want to be. It inspires and challenges me spiritually, mentally and physically. The only way to understand this is to experience it for yourself.” [Mirella Dottori – PhD – Scientist]
  • “The time I spend training in Aikido-Yoga is an investment that compounds into every area of my life.”[Daniel Sharp – Teacher]
  • “Amazing! There’s no end in sight. Each step I am guided on leads me to secret, hidden places I never could have imagined existed.” [Daniel Somerville – Software Developer]
  • “Aikido-Yoga is about growing into a better version of myself. I am certainly a different person – a calmer, more focused and healthier person for my training.” [James Irving – Lawyer]
  • “Aikido-Yoga has started a journey of self discovery within me that has offered me more than any book I’ve ever read. It has a special way of showing the beauty of art and life. As an artist, I realise that there are no tricks, just a constant testing of the body. However Aikido-Yoga is showing me how to move beyond the body in pursuit of a better understanding of myself and my art.” [Kieran Courley – Dancer, Australian Ballet Company]

Testimonials from our annual 6 week “Self-Defence” seminar run for the general public:

  • This has been a very worthwhile six weeks – always interesting and fun, but most importantly a learning and growing experience. Thanks very much Jules and the team for your tireless energy and patience with us raw beginners. [Rob]
  • Jules was a very dedicated instructor – always eager to teach even after class. Incorporated a lot of psychology and self-learning into the art of actual self-defence. I recommend anyone to participate in this life learning process. [Alan]
  • The techniques learnt in this self-defence seminar have been far more beneficial than learning how to react to a physical attack. They are techniques that will remain with me as I breathe, relax and remain in control of many aspects of my life. [Heidi – Lab Technician]
  • Unconventional in feeling and effect, but sparking something other than innate intelligence, or past learning. One knows that one has begun a journey, not in defending against others, but in empowerment towards oneself optimally. [Janice – Photographer]
  • A fantastic course, it helped me grow, change and become more aware, it also game me some great strategies. Thank You! [Marisa]
  • The classes were great! I learnt a lot about defending myself but also how to use these same skills principles in life. I feel a whole lot more confident and comfortable. [Julia – Project officer EPA]
  • Great Course! Covers a lot of ground and leaves plenty of scope for further training. Practical applications and good theory to provide the understanding of why as well as how. [Graham Cottew – Scientist.]
  • Great course, not just self-defence but a life-skills learning experience. Fantastic for me as an existing martial artist in learning the realities of the consequences aggression and willfulness can cause. Opened my mind to a different way of seeing people. [Timothy – Student]
  • It was inspiring. Taught me how to fight, defend myself – something I haven’t really done in the past – this is a very good change. [Daniel – Accountant]
  • Interesting. I learnt a lot. Motivational. Increased confidence that I could handle myself in a threatening situation, but also the same skills can be applied to everyday life. [Paul]
  • Classes help me to be physically fit and, more importantly, improve my personal attitude and thinking about life. [Jess]

Testimonials from our annual 6 week “Aikido -Principles for Life” seminar run for the general public:

  • On day one of the course, I thought I knew myself.
    On day six of the course, I learned there is so much more to me and life itself. I would recommend this course to anyone – young or old – you will benefit! [ Despina – Business Development Manager]
  • Total awakening.
    A Realisation of oneself.
    Highly motivational, highly recommended!
    [Blazenka – Project Officer]
  • Grounding, insightful, engaging, thoughtful, inspirational, thought-provoking. I’d like to thank Jules for everything he imparted to me over the last six weeks. His teachings have given me so much to think about & incorporate into my life. I look forward to developing this further from now.
    [Alicia – Assistant Manager]
  • I have learned so many valuable tools to help me through life from this course. [Paul – Business Owner]
  • I think almost everyone has aspects of their life that they would like to or need to change even if they are not aware of it. This course brings into light the principles needed to balance your life. Jules has opened my eyes and given me a direction and motivation to correct my life for the better. Thank you Jules! [Cathy – Manager]
  • “Aikido-Principles for Life” Seminar – A Life Changing Experience!
    • I am forever grateful that I had an opportunity to experience this course! Jules first facilitated exercises that demonstrated a few fundamental principles of Aikido: the fact that “force follows force blindly”; the importance of being grounded and centred under pressure; of not only accepting and acknowledging conflict, but whole-heartily embracing it and being willing to operate from a centred state-of-being instead of reacting from a “fight or flight” mentality. We also learnt that “sustained intention equals power” and an authentic self-discovery way of living. We learnt how to truly get in touch with our feelings and really listen in order to enhance authentic relationships. We also took a critical look at our lives, we set goals and learnt how to prioritise things that are really important and many other very effective and practical life tools. Every week we dug down a little deeper into self-discovery. We all got so much out of the experiential-learning exercises and there was warmth, laughter, acceptance and understanding because we all knew that we were all there for the same reason – to grow and to move forward as genuine human beings.

      It’s hard to pinpoint the most memorable moment of the course; however, the relaxation/meditation session on the final day of the course remains the highlight of my whole experience.

      It was an extremely valuable life transforming experience to attend this seminar! I feel better equipped to handle conflict and disappointment. I am also very enthusiastic about defining and fulfilling my life purpose.

      I am forever grateful for the whole experience. Thank you very much Jules for everything!

    • [ Etsuko Yasunaga – Teacher ]

Why Aikido-Yoga?

  • By Darren Horkings
    • When I first decided to look for a dojo to train in a marital-art I trolled the internet and other resources trying to find a style that would suit my needs. I had a very specific set of criteria. Searching high and low, I was looking for a way to gain effective life-skills in addition to increasing my flexibility, as well as something that was both physically and mentally challenging. Somewhere I could grow. There were so many martial-art styles to choose from and so I studied the advantages and disadvantages of every form. I’d done and excelled in many other sports and skills that only left me wanting more. When I came across Aikido-Yoga, it struck me as being something very different to the other martial-arts on offer. It came across as not just a pass-time or a recreational sport to win a few trophies, but more of a type of lifestyle. It appeared to meet my criteria and had a more holistic approach to the human condition that I found very appealing:- stimulating mind, body and soul without overly feeding my ego with the more competitive, aggressive, tactile gratification approaches endorsed by so many other martial-arts.When researching Aikido, I found a surprising amount of older and even very old people that were still actively practising with a certain sense of youthful vigour and movement. Free flowing with seemingly no resistance, they would overcome much younger and fitter opponents. This really struck a chord with me as I contemplated what other martial-art could offer me the ability to effectively perform even in my later years. At this point, I hadn’t had any experience with yoga and often wondered what all the hype was about. So, I decided to go and see what it was all about.The first time I went to the dojo was an overwhelming experience. A whole world existing without my knowledge. For the first time in my life, I truly felt way out of my depth and really challenged from day one. Upon speaking to other people, some of whom had been training there for more than 4 years, I learnt that they still had the same feeling of constantly being challenged. There was a certain unexplainable vibe coming from the dojo and the people within it. A very calm but alert place where time seemed to stand still. I remember thinking after the first few lessons how quickly they had passed. Two years on and they still pass in a “blink of an eye”. It’s only in reflection after class, when journaling my experiences, that the true value of the learning actually starts to sink in. The original expectations and set criteria from when I first went to the dojo has vastly changed. Aikido-Yoga really is a WAY of life. The principals I learn here can be applied to every aspect of my life. It has undoubtedly changed me for the better and will continue to do so well into my senior years.
  • [Darren Horkings – Business Consultant]

Kids Class – Parent Testimonials:

  • “One of the best decisions I have made as a parent, for my 9yr old daughter and 5 year old son. The growth and development I have seen in the children over the past 15 months has been invaluable. The remarkable improvements have been in their confidence levels, belief in self, self-defence, ability to take responsibility for their own actions, fitness, coordination, respect for others, discipline. Many skills have been learnt that they use in their day to day lives. Real life issues such as bullying are incorporated into the classes. As a parent I have gained so much knowledge and insight from watching most of the sessions… this has helped me become a better person and parent. I cannot recommend Aikido-Yoga and Jules enough. You and your child will not regret the decision.” [Simone]
  • “It was through family that we came across Aikido-Yoga. I wasn’t sure what to expect but after my 7 year old son’s first session we were convinced we had made a great decision. With every lesson, through the philosophy of Aikido and an amazing teacher, my son continues to grow and learn skills that will assist him to live a full and wonderful life. Jules shares his knowledge and experience with the students like no other teacher I’ve ever seen.” [Kelly]
  • “Our son Jordon is 7 years old and we chose Aikido-Yoga as we believe that it will teach our son how to be at peace with himself and with everyone around him. We travel 45 minutes twice a week and the lessons taught here are important enough for the drive. Our son has so much respect for Jules that when I suggest that we might not be able to go to Aikido-Yoga on Saturday, he starts crying. Our son has started many hobbies and has given up on them, but I’ve never seen such enthusiasm when it comes to Aikido-Yoga. It’s been 11 months now and he hasn’t lost interest, it has only enticed him to come more regularly and practice at home. There is only one person in our eyes that has made this happen… and that is Jules. He’s got an amazing connection with children. I’m an adult observing and I find at times I’m telling myself I wish I had a teacher like that when I was my son’s age.” [Rosemary]
  • “We discovered the Aikido-Yoga class just by chance more than 2 years ago. Ari, our son, started his lessons as a trial with the simple objective of doing some exercise. Very soon we found that the time he spent with his Aikido-Yoga classmates is not just about moving your body and sweating. This is about life! It’s about how to live your life enjoying every minute of it. And it is not just for the kids. If you are a parent, you love to stay, watch, listen, there is always something amazing to learn..” [Mum]
  • “Dear Jules, just a quick note to thank you for the interest, effort, support and respect that you have shown my son Cass. I’m glad he has you as a really positive male role model in his life. Regards.” [Lucinda]

The Secret Science of Combat Strategy

The Secret Science of Combat Strategy book cover, written by Julius Aib

The Secret Science of Combat Strategy presents an invaluable resource for anyone interested in martial arts hoping to improve their knowledge and skills.

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